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The purpose declared of the Centre is to become an operative means of information on the events that led to the fall of the communist regime in Romania, proposing to capitalize on the Romanian historical information circumscribed to the events of 1989 in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Because these moments cannot be fully understood without knowing the communist system as a whole, the Centre is also concerned with studying the communist period in Romania.

Following the documentation and research work of the Centre, by 2015 it was achieved the publication and publication of 29 book titles and the creation of the biannual magazine “Scientific and Information Bulletin Memorial 1989”, which reached number 17.


National Center for Documentation, Research and Public Information on the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

  • Rado Gino – Managing Director
  • Munteanu Rodica – accountant/partial rule
  • Bânciu Ioan – project manager/half-time
  • Mocioalca Simona – secretary/translator
  • Abruda Adina – librarian/translator
  • Asylum – lawyer/half-time
  • Adrian Szakacs – historical researcher
  • Gheorghioiu Eugen – database administrator
  • Beici Viorel – supervisor
  • Wittman Ericha – supervisor

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